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The much-discussed Liability Shift associated with EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) is due to take effect. It’s a major milestone for financial companies (meaning banks and credit unions), issuers, acquirers, retailers and more. This Liability Shift means that those merchants and issuers using non-EMV compliant devices that choose to accept transactions made with EMV-compliant cards assume liability for any and all transactions that are found to be fraudulent.

Simply stated if a Merchant is not able to process an EMV payment then they can be liable for fraud. 

If your business provides solutions to merchants to process payments and you are seeking EMV solutions then the EMV Launch Pad is  your solution.   Did you know average EMV Certification process with a processor can take 9 to 12 months and cost well over $100,000.00  The EMV Launch Pad enables you to conduct a fast and easy integration to make your software EMV Ready to process chip and pin (or chip and signature) using a variety of certified terminals on our list of pre-certified processors.

Show your customers you care about their security by making the move to accepting CHIP cards.  Add EMV Ready to your "supported feature list" of the retail business solution your company develops or distributes. Register as a Partner and gain access to the EMV Launch Pad.

Simple Integration

Using our SDKs, APIs, and Compiled APPs you can quickly add suport for Terminals, Printers, Bar Code Readers and several payment processors.


We have layered technologies -chip, tokenization and encryption - to enable secure payments infrastructure and prevent card fraud.


Save hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to a year of time by using our EMV Launch Pad.  Get your software EMV Ready in no time at all. 

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Learn how EMV chip technology helps to reduce fraud and protect payment transactions and how chip cards will be used in stores. is the go-to site for easy to use resources on chip cards.  

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Service Providers

Acquirers/processors need to consider the support that will be required to equip merchants with EMV-compliant POS solutions.  Our EMV Launch Pad helps you get on the fast track for EMV migrationwhile saving time and money.

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Learn from industry experts about the impact that EMV chip technology will have on the point-of-sale environment and key strategies for managing migration. Learn the EMV Basics for merchants:

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Get your EMV migration on track with tutorials and implementation guidance that take advantage of global best practices. Visit the EMV Migration Forum to learn more.

EMV. Made easy.

Introducing our EMV ready omni channel payment platform.